Passion for Posh

Hi, I am Sheila, the owner of Posh Hair Salon and this is how it all began...

I am often asked how it all started; the salon, taking the leap into salon ownership, and being a small business owner. Well, it was something I had always wanted to do...eventually. I admit it, I was terrified. Was I going to be able to swing all those long hours? How would I deal with being a leader when all my life I had been an island. I always dreamed of it but never acted on it, for a few reasons. The first reason is I was scared to dramatically uproot my entire life. Life was great, I traveled all the time, floated in my pool most summer days--who would want to give that up? Me, that's who--I never stopped dreaming.

My second reason not to jump into salon ownership, was finding retail space in my area that would let me dig up the floor to run pipes for the shampoo sinks. It was a deal-breaker for many landlords. Who can blame them?? So, the search continued in varying stages. I would go to look at retail spaces occasionally, but nothing really quite fit. Plus, my good, calm, relaxed life kept me pacified for the time being.

Then, one week after a vacation with my amazing husband, Jimmy, he called me at home to tell me he was going to blow my mind and cross my number one goal off my bucket list. Jimmy had just read that Tabatha Coffey from the TV show Tabatha Takes Over was going to be in Southampton, PA just a short drive from our home. It was the next day, I had no ticket but went right online and called the number. As it would turn out, there was space but it was for salon owners and their management teams. I was just a stylist. But, I pressed on and in a moment of desperation, I blurted out that I would pay the entire price for a salon ticket, the event hosts talked it over, called me back and I was in!!! And, the very next day, I went to the salon owners class. My life would never be the same.

The class was great, Tabatha was fantastic and afterwards, I waited in line for a chance to meet her and get her latest book signed. Waiting there, all alone, fighting back my happy tears (I'm a crier!!), having no idea what I was going to say to this successful mentor I had admired for years, and then it was my turn. Tabatha asked me why I was there as a solo and I explained to her that no one from my salon wanted to go (over 20 other owners, managers, stylists and student assistants). Then, she asked me the question that sealed my fate: "Did you learn anything?". Without missing a beat, I replied "I learned that I am a salon owner, I just don't have a salon...YET!" That was Monday, October 3, 2011. I signed the lease on what would become Posh Hair Salon on October 10, 2011. And, the rest is HERstory!!!

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