Make Time for YOU!

We women always hear people say that we need to make time for ourselves, or to "put ourselves on our lists". Our family & best girlfriends remind us of this frequently, am I right? But, if we aren't getting that "me time", how do we get it?

For me, it started with just simply saying it out loud. "I want some ME time!"

Many of us already know that we want it, we definitely know we need it, and oh heck yeah...we deserve it! And, when we do get just a few minutes of pure indulgence, we cherish it. I think it makes us better versions of ourselves to unplug for even just a few moments a day.

This little break from life whether it's a stolen moment for a quiet prayer, or a week long cruise with just your girlfriends, is a foreign concept to some women; we are the caregivers, the go-to gals, the problem-solvers...we wear so many different hats. It's exhausting at times.

That's why you, me--all of us deserve a break. If you already make this a part of your daily routine, hooray and keep it up! If you are still learning to self-care, take time today to repeat your daily mantra, to clear your mind of lists & schedules. Give this gift to yourself and set a positive tone for your day. Connecting with yourself on a regular basis can truly help us to stay centered in our lives and keep us in tune with what our bodies & minds need.

Today's Mantra: Taking care of myself is a gift I give to myself and the people around me.

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